What is crowdfunding?

(platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter.com etc)

IMPORTANT! This website is the teaser page. The campaign will happen on the crowdfunding platform.

A new, popular movement which allows revolutionary ideas to become reality without involving massive corporations. It is the power of the community!

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As a thank you, crowdfunding supporters get gifts in exchange. You may even get FREE access¹ to TurlBook, depending on your level of support. Our first planned stories that you may have FREE access to: 108 Miles. Journey into the Mind / Alice in Venice / Around the World in 80 days. And these three stories are just the beginning. We hope to continue with many more books!

1. Goal of crowdfunding

Creative artists, small startups often have ground-breaking ideas. Some could even be “the next big thing”. However, since there is no huge cooperation behind these creative artists / inventors, they need support to start these projects. Crowdfunding is a new, global phenomena and the basic concept is simple: if there is a lot of people who love the idea and they all help with small donation then the project can become a reality, and you can enjoy it soon!

2. Gift in exchange

As a thank you, crowdfunding supporters usually get something in exchange – for example it could be FREE online access to our first TurlBook. Official crowdfunding pages (like Kickstarter.com / Indiegogo.com etc.) provide safe, secure and official way to do these fundraising campaigns. You can find a lot of references about them on BBC, CNN, TED etc.

3. Why is it good for you?

TurlBook will be a new form of entertainment for you – besides traditional films, ebooks and comic books. It is also a new education format. And soon, you will be able to enjoy it with your family! And besides the fact that you get gifts in exchange, you can also proudly say that you helped a magical idea to become reality: and we belive that our world needs these magical moments more than ever.

When and where to support?

IMPORTANT: Get a reminder on the day


The crowdfunding will start soon. However the exact date is not yet set, as it depends on how quickly the community will share the project. The campaign will be short, and it will happen on a popular crowdfunding platform – such as Indiegogo.com or Kickstarter.com. We will send you a notification on the launch day, together with the link.


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