From Oxford University to 360° Alice in Wonderland

The 360° remake of Alice in Wonderland is the brainchild of the Oxford based artist Istvan Prem. He is also the founder of Turl Book Ltd.

Istvan’s interest in 360° started at the University of Oxford: his research was based on 360° interactive art, while his diploma work was a large, 360° interactive dome projection system.

Istvan soon realised that the 360° format has way more potential than making street view images. When it’s done properly, 360° is the most fascinating art-form for creating immersive eBooks and playful viral content. And that’s how 360° Alice in Wonderland was born, which is an interactive remake of the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book.

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So what exactly are 360° degree eBooks?

A 360° eBook is like a traditional eBook but many of the illustrations come to life in 360° with musical narration. The way it works is simple: just install our software, and start reading the text as you would do in a traditional eBook. However, you will soon find illustrations that turn into a 360° experience when you click on them. And you can listen to film quality musical narrations while enjoying the immersive 360° pictures. The narrations are short snippets from the corresponding chapters, and they don't cover entire chapters. You can think about the musical narration as a teaser into the story. It really is a magical experience. The 360° Alice in Wonderland is 83 pages long, and it has over 23 illustrations that come to life in 360°, and it also has over 60 other interactive illustrations. It's probably the most engaging eBook you have ever seen.

The advantage of 360° eBooks

In the age of video games, it’s difficult to motivate children to read classic literature. That’s why we’re excited to launch our interactive 360° Alice in Wonderland, the world’s first 360° degree eBook. This approach makes the famous classic fun and engaging for children. And 360° Alice is so entertaining that adults will also enjoy rediscovering Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Use 360° Alice in teaching

With the recent surge of interest in virtual reality technologies and applications, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for immersive learning. Educators can take advantage of this trend by using our 360° Alice in Wonderland during exercises or lessons. By incorporating 360° technology into educational materials, we can provide students with an immersive experience that encourages active learning and comparative exploration.

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